Kyubu Storage

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Kyubu Storage

Make your home and office more unique and interesting with our contemporary cube storage pods. Perfect for any home or workspace, the pods offer a variety of different storage options, colours and designs, allowing you to fulfil your storage needs and create a stylish home or office space. From simple cube pods to those with complete storage solutions, you can mix and match sizes and colours to create a unique and chic home and workplace.

Sizes in mm (w - width, h - height, d - depth)                  Colours

Small Pod - w300 x h300 x d270 (door option)                        White

Medium Pod - w600 x h300 x d270                                         Light Grey

Large Pod - w600 x h600 x d270 (door option)                        Anthracite

Long Pod - w1200 x h300 x d270 (centre divide)                     Light Blue

Support pod - w1200 x h300 x d430 (drawer option)               Dark Blue